Bridgeport DSSD

In addition to its Environmental Maintenance, Beautification and Placemaking activities, the Bridgeport DSSD actively supports efforts to position Downtown Bridgeport as an economically vibrant and transit-based neighborhood. The DSSD has produced, or partnered, on the creation of several planning documents intended to meet it mission.


Special Reports
Bridgeport Food Commerce Feasibility Study, September 2015 // PDF Report Download
Carmody Consulting and New Venture Advisors were contracted to work with the DSSD on a food systems assessment that aims to catalyze the development of a thriving food district in downtown Bridgeport.
City of Bridgeport Downtown Parking System Assessment, May 2014 Report // PDF Report Download
The City of Bridgeport in partnership with its Bridgeport Regional Business Council and Bridgeport Downtown Special Service District, engaged the team of Timothy Haahs and Associates, Inc. to perform a parking system review for the City’s current parking operations to propose appropriate recommendations to enhance the parking system.
Bridgeport DSSD Streetscape and Planting Guidelines, April 2014
This document was developed for the Bridgeport DSSD to create guidelines for streetscape, planting and amenities that will inform all proposed landscape projects within the limits of the district.
A Creative Placemaking Agenda for Bridgeport, January 2012 // PDF Report Download
What If We Build Bridgeport Around Places? A Creative Placemaking Agenda for Bridgeport
Prepared by Project for Public Spaces
Bridgeport DSSD Strategic Plan, July 2010 Report // PDF Report Download
Building Organizational Capacity for Long-Term Success
Prepared by Dan Carmody, Carmody Consulting, Dave Feehan, Civitas Consultants, LLC and John Simone, Connecticut Main Street Center
Re-Imagining Downtown Bridgeport, June 2007 // PDF Report Download
This plan is the product of an unprecedented partnership between the DSSD, the City and a range of Downtown stakeholders. Importantly, it is a consensus vision built upon a refound confidence in the City and its market potential.
2010 Arrowstreet Connection Study // PDF Report Download
Bridgeport's Downtown Connections Report
Prepared by the Bridgeport DSSD and the Bridgeport Real Estate Community