Leisha Young
Leisha’s Bakeria LLC
7 Lafayette Circle
Bridgeport, CT 06604
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Leisha is a young-hearted, hardworking business owner who loves her family, football, the Yankees, cooking and entertaining.

(InfoBPT): How did you hear about Downtown Bridgeport and what factors contributed to you deciding to locate to Downtown?
(Leisha Young): The former DSSD director walked in to my shop and introduced himself and I met more associates as time progressed. I chose downtown Bridgeport because of the great location available, I am a Bridgeport native, downtown is being built up to provide great services and bustle needed in this part of the state and I wanted to be a part of the growth.
(InfoBPT): Tell us about your shop.
(Leisha Young): I own a boutique eatery which provides baked goods, breakfast, lunch and catering all without grills, fryers or burners. Handmade on premise for a lb of flavor, zest and freshness.
(InfoBPT): What is your favorite place to eat or relax in Downtown Bridgeport?
(Leisha Young): Leisha’s Bakeria! I like to relax on the stairs between Golden Hill and Fairfield Avenue.
(InfoBPT): What would you share with others who might be considering relocating their business (or home) to Bridgeport?
(Leisha Young): Do it if you can. The people and business owners are friendly and helpful. The area is easily accessible and Bridgeport is getting better everyday.
(InfoBPT): What would you like to see for the future of Bridgeport?
(Leisha Young): More clean-up and greenery off of exit 26 and in the immediate downtown area, as well as the capability to have shop signs for small businesses directing to location.