Luke Scott
Founder & CEO
MadisonMott and B:Hive
130 Elm St, Bridgeport, CT 06604
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Father, husband, boss, copywriter, geek, music lover, outdoor enthusiast. I started being a grown-up young, and accidentally. I have two teenage boys, and scored an amazing wife who is way out of my league. I own a brownstone on Broad Street, at the base of Seaside Park, and two businesses downtown, MadisonMott and B:Hive Bridgeport. My career is of great interest to me! We’re in the business of making clients happy, through marketing and design, and we do so in the interest of building their businesses, having fun and making money, sometimes in that order.

(InfoBPT): How did you hear about Downtown Bridgeport and what factors contributed to you deciding to locate to Downtown?
(Luke Scott): I've lived in the Park City for almost seven years. We went from Black Rock, to Fairfield Avenue, to Gregory Street, and then finally to our home sweet home on Broad Street. I’ve been commuting to work for almost 17 years—South Norwalk and Westport. Lots and lots of time on trains and in cars. We moved the business to Bridgeport in an effort to minimize the amount of time we all spend getting to and from work, to enjoy a significant savings in rent, and to find space and a location that are both better suited to our cultural and professional vision. We’re smack dab in the middle of everything here, including the innovation and economic development that is radiating out from downtown.
(InfoBPT): Tell us about your company.
(Luke Scott): MadisonMott is a marketing and design firm. Though we believe the business of design is actually more than a business. It’s based on the pervasive and passionate simplification of marketing and messaging through visuals and verbiage, through digital efforts and traditional approaches. It’s a way of thinking, of communicating, of storytelling. When done creatively, and effectively, people take note, plates start to shift, stars align, products and services sell, businesses grow, and brands are built. That’s what we do. In other words, we dedicate our days to strategically thinking about how new and existing clients can tell their story, before immersing ourselves in the articulation of that narrative through logos, branding, responsive websites, eCommerce platforms, social activation, digital and traditional advertising, on and on.

We opened our doors on March 1st, 1999. I have an incredible team, and a dynamite right hand woman. We have an amazing stable of clients who continue to believe in us and pay us too. Double bonus. We are grateful, for all of it. We are so totally excited to be part of downtown Bridgeport, and over the @#$% moon about the future.
(InfoBPT): What is your favorite place to eat or relax in Downtown Bridgeport?
(Luke Scott): Oh man, hard to choose one. I’ve compiled a list of favorite places and paired food/drink choices, which in my mind represent the varied nature of downtown offerings.

Bagel King: Toasted everything bagel with cream cheese, red onion, tomato, and iced coffee
CanTiin: Pork belly steamed bun and a “paper plane”
Fruta Juice: Turkey burger special and a strawberry banana fruit smoothie
Joseph’s Steak House: Bone-in rib eye for two, and a pint of Hofbräuhaus
Trattoria 'A Vucchella: Lasagna and a glass of recommended red
Two Boots: Meatball sliders and a Brooklyn Lager
Ralph 'n’ Rich’s: Raw bar sampler and a martini
Leisha’s Bakeria: Egg slider and a coffee
(InfoBPT): What would you share with others who might be considering relocating their business (or home) to Bridgeport?
(Luke Scott): That’s easy. Come visit. Come see Bridgeport, and behold the undeniable growth and cool that is happening here. It’s not the city that many think it is, or was. There are so many interesting and interested characters attached to ensuring the bright future of this, the last bastion of Fairfield County’s post-industrial possibilities. Come by our office (not kidding), visit my wife at The Bananaland, stop into the B:Hive, call Phil Kuchma, or Kim Morque at Spinnaker, or Brandon Hall at Forestone. Take a tour of available spaces, run the numbers, get on board.
(InfoBPT): What would you like to see in the future for Bridgeport?
(Luke Scott): I would like to see Bridgeport become the epicenter of New England art and commerce, of culture and tourism, of food and entertainment. I’d like to see Connecticut’s aging population (myself included) upended by an influx of talented and capable young people to Bridgeport, who realize the state’s legacy as a sleepy bedroom community is well behind us, or at least relegated to other towns. Bridgeport is a place where affordability meets opportunity: for urban living, for modern working, for outdoor accessibility, a strong sense of community, and a chance to be part of something, big.