Explore Downtown Bridgeport Like Never Before!

Introducing Color Quest, a colorful exploration challenge.


We shared “close ups” of Downtown spots with a handy Pantone color match and brief clue. What’s Pantone, you ask? It’s the global authority for color communication and inspiration since 1963.

Guess where each spot is and make a quick visit! The users with the most correct guesses and most places visited will win a Downtown Bridgeport prize and bragging rights, of course!

Here are our Color Quest clues:

1. This place has welcomed audiences of all ages since 1976.

2. This site was inspired by Bridgeport’s shared humanity.

3. This place is known for warmth.

4. This iconic close up probably doesn’t need much of a clue…

5. If these lips could talk, well, they wouldn’t because they’d be too busy eating.

6. This close up can be viewed locally, but will engross you in a whole new world.

7. Talk about colorful, this spot is bursting with it, like sunshine on a cloudy day.

8. This spot contains a wealth of knowledge. Name it?

9. This historic structure was erected in 1904 and lovingly restored to full vibrancy in 2016. Can you guess the building?

10. Guess the place that is family owned and operated, with products that are handmade with care.